Our 28 Day Buy Back Guarantee

We give customers the option to buy back their items within 28 days.

Do you need short-term cash? Or maybe you're worried you'll change your mind about a sale. Our buy back promise means your items are never gone for good.

Our 28 Day Buy Back Guarantee

Need a short-term cash boost?

When we buy a product, we give every seller the option to buy back their item within 28 days. When customers choose this option, we'll put their item into safe storage, meaning that we won't display it in our store or list it on our website until the 28-day period has passed.

That way, if you do change your mind about selling your goods, or you just need a short-term cash boost, you can buy your goods back in exactly the same condition you sold them in. No hassle, no time wasting, we'll return your items within seconds of you walking into the store.

Buy Back - in 4 simple steps

How it works

Step 1

We buy your goods giving you the option of a buy back

Step 2

We place your item into storage and give you instant cash

Step 3

Within the next 28 days, you decide you want your item back

Step 4

Visit us in store and buy back your item. The price will include a storage and handling fee

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